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The Wedding Ring

Wow! I must say I’m blown away by the response we received for the proposal blog! Thank you very much for your feedback. You were all very kind with your words, even to the point I felt slightly less guilty about making Ashley wait so long for her ring! LOL. So on the heels of that blog, I saw so many questions about everyone wanting to actually see the wedding ring itself! So here’s your blog with pics of the ring I designed, and Ashley still wears. I’ve only bought Ashley two rings during our 13 years of marriage. Her wedding ring, and an anniversary ring on our 10 year celebration. That ring, also known as the quad ring, I think has almost as much significance as the wedding ring. We’ll save that story for another day though. Here’s the wedding ring!

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Hope this satisfies all of your wonder. Thank you again for all your love and support of our family! I’ve attached the proposal blog below for those of you who missed it! Have a great weekend!

The Proposal

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