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Then and Now-Christmas Comfort

One year ago today

    Today I pulled up my TimeHop app (as you all know by now I LOVE THIS APP) and it showed one year ago today I was 28 weeks pregnant. I remember how I was feeling this day- my cute little bed rest friend had her triplets (love you Katie) a few weeks before and I was hurting so bad this day. I was feeling down and was ready for my pregnancy to be OVER. My body hurt so bad, I couldn’t eat much and I was sooooo sick of hospital food and any restaurant within a 20 mile radius of me. I was ready to be able to breathe again, and my hip was bruised from laying flat on my left side for now 8 weeks (went on bed rest at 20 weeks when diagnosed with TTTS-read that blog by clicking here)

Tyson came to the hospital and reminded me that it was Wednesday and we could go take my 28 week picture! This was a huge day for us! 28 weeks is ‘full term’ for quadruplets. The doctors were so nervous I wasn’t going to make it to this point and I did! I was so proud of myself and sooooo DONE all at the same time. I kept reminding myself about how even just one more day would be better for the girls and set my sights on 30 weeks! I would be able to make it 11 more days! Not quite to my 30 week goal but still amazing with all that had happened. 

Today as I was looking at this picture I glanced down at my beautiful crawling baby girls quietly playing with their toys on the ground and my eyes teared up. How BEYOND blessed have I been this last year? These babies are everything to us and they have done so well. I understand more than anything that isn’t always the case and I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for God that he has blessed me so immensely with the medical staff we needed to get these baby where they are today and for giving the girls the strength to push forward every day. 

I wanted to take a today picture to go with my one year ago today picture and here it is… This Christmas season is going to be so different from any other I have ever experienced. I am so thankful for the birth of our Savior and for all he did and does for me.  This holiday season we really understand the meaning of Christmas and know that no material gift could ever amount to the gifts we have been given with the 4 little miracles. 

Merry Christmas!


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