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Thoughts on Keeping your Marriage Strong After Children


It’s been a year now since the girls were born, and a little less than 2 years since we found out we were expecting. I’m sure just like the rest of you we are trying to figure out the correct mix of parenting and couple time. The past couple of weeks have got me wondering how all of you incredible parents out there make it work in your home? So in essence, I’m writing this blog to express my feelings, but also to gain feedback in return! So please, feel free to give feedback!!!

Ashley and I have been married over 10 years. I feel we have put a lot of time and energy into our marriage, and for the most part, we know each other very well and know how to keep each other happy. Adding 4 babies to the mix changes things a little bit. Although we have stuck to our guns and relied heavily on our relationship to carry us through the early stages of parenthood, some days I find it daunting to find the energy to give to our relationship after giving so much to the children. I think we both realize that our sacrifice for each others time is well spent on the children, but we are constantly trying to find that happy medium so we can all stay healthy and happy!

So, here are my questions for all of you!

  1. What percentage of the day do you devote to your spouse? Do you have established time frames that are kid time/couples time?
  2. What personal sacrifices have you made becoming a parent? For example giving up sports, girls nights, exercise class, hobbies??
  3. Do you have a weekly date night? Monthly?
  4. How often do you secure a babysitter and go out? Is it cost efficient?
  5. How is your communication with your partner since having children? Do you communicate more or less on adult topics?

Please feel free to share any more information you thing interesting or worth discussing! As I stated above, Ashley and I work daily on maintaining the perfect balance, but we would love to hear how all you veteran parents handle your relationships! We’re still rookies eager to learn!!!!


Thanks so much for reading and participating! Looking forward to all the insights and conversation!