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Trials Are Vital to Life

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This picture was taken a little over 2 years ago. Hard to believe how much transformation can take place given just a little time. Our lives have changed more than words can describe in this short period of time. We’ve grown as parents, and as human beings. We’ve learned to trust each other fully and know that together we can do anything we set our minds to. Over these two years, we’ve foster our natural instincts, and started to perfect our parental abilities. We’ve learned and enhanced our patience and gained humility for the blessings God has bestowed in our lives. We’ve realized that wanting something is not merely enough, action is required. Though faith is vital, action is required. We’ve found answers to hard questions, but also found trials bring blessings. We’ve seen weak things become strong, and small things become big. These two years have brought many things into our lives, but none more important than happy, healthy children!

 Dreams have become a reality for us, and I often wonder what to dream about next. We all know that this is not the end however, and life always finds a way to throw a curve ball your way. Although we’ve had our fair share of curve balls, we know now to appreciate and embrace them as much as we appreciate the expected. I cannot stress this point enough, but TRIALS are more important and needed than we realize at times. Trials give us much needed perspective along the road of life. Through our trials, we gained perspective never known and found blessings never dreamed about. Sometimes the hardest things in life bring with them the greatest opportunities! It is our perspective that plays an important role in these situations. It took me personally years to realize why trials were so important, but I finally realized why they are there. They help us grow and shape and prepare us to handle things we never thought possible. They have a reason. I promise.

I don’t know why I wrote this blog today. Honestly, I sat down to update you all on our last week, and this blog came out instead. I know without a doubt that when I feel the Holy Ghost, I just follow his promptings, and things work out. Today I followed a prompting, and I hope it helped someone out there. We all can be instruments in the Lords hands and make a difference, if we choose. I love you all, and hope you all are having an incredible week! Be grateful for all you have and always give thanks to you Father in heaven for all your blessings, including your trials!