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Tulips and Trials


Tyson bought me these beautiful Easter Tulips! I love tulips! They represent the start of spring! I love them because of how strong they are!

Here in Utah where the weather changes ever 5 minutes tulips get tricked into thinking it is spring time and they bloom and grow! Then we usually get another snow storm to come and sweep over them! They hold strong and fight through it, some are not strong enough in that moment to hold on and they wilt. But once again the sun will shine and they will try again.

I love after a snow storm driving around and seeing these beautiful colors popping up through the stark white snow. It a reminder to me that ‘The storm will pass” and spring is promised to us to come again!

I thought of this many times as I was struggling through my trial with infertility! As with ANY trial you might be going through remember that “this too shall pass” Spring will come…Like the tulips it will not always be spring when WE think it should be…but again just like them we must hold strong and push through with faith that it WILL come. If in the moment we are not strong enough, it is OKAY if you fall. Just remember when the sun comes out again to lift yourself up and try once more.

We are all much stronger than we think. You can get through whatever trial you are going through! Just have faith that spring will come and push through the storms in your life.