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Tyson's Favorite Fall Home Potpourri

As much as I love Fall candles, this recipe has been one of my all time favorites I’ve come across to make your house smell unbelievable amazing and ring in the true Fall spirit!

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The smells of Fall are one of the reasons I love the season the most! Apples, Cinnamon, Leaves, they all make me smile from ear to ear. The first time I made this for myself, I was completely blown away by how fast the smell carried throughout the house, and how strong and wonderful it was! I was hooked!

The thing I love most is this recipe takes literally a few minutes! Whenever we have guests popping in, it is my go to for giving the house that warm and inviting Fall welcome!


2 cinnamon sticks

2 cups of water

1 large orange peel ( I’ve substituted 3 of the cuties orange peels before and they did great!)

1 apple ( cut into wedges)

1tsp of cloves

1tsp of vanilla ( I use the real vanilla we got in Mexico, its potent!)

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Mix all of these ingredients in a pot on the stove and simmer between low and medium heat. Usually takes 5-10 minutes to simmer and for the smell to start moving throughout the house. If I’m in a hurry to get it smelling good fast, I boil, then turn to the low heat to simmer.

You can boil as long as you want throughout the day, just keep replacing the water as it gets low so not to burn the ingredients.


Pretty easy, and totally worth it for that Fall Welcome smell!