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Tyson's tribute to NIAW

This was Tyson’s status update on his Facebook today and I thought it was worth sharing……


It’s National Infertility Awareness Week. Obviously this has been an important topic to Ashley and I. This has been our trial. Something we have battled almost our entire marriage. Our story is still being written, but the first few chapters have been an incredible rollercoaster!

I know there are many of you out there who struggle in silence. I know many of you speak openly about your trials. You are both brave! We all handle life’s storms in our own ways, but we still share the common thread of life’s experiences. What I’ve appreciated most about this, is the support we can give one another. I’ve found over the course of my life how important it is to be positive and supportive to everyone I come in contact with, as we are all struggling a battle.

Its funny how life changes your perspectives. It changes who you are and who you have been. I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago, and I’m definitely not the same person I was 20 years ago. Life beats you up. I’ve had incredible hardships thrown at me since I came to this place. Many times I’ve looked back over the years and wondered “How in God’s green Earth am I where I am today?”

The answer to that question is simply God himself. Throughout all my individual challenges in this life, God has never given up on me. Even though I never had a traditional support system, God placed others in my path to make sure I got to where I needed to go. More recently, when Ashley and I faced infertility, God taught us a valuable lesson. HE IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through our faith in him, we survived this trial, and became better people because of it. We learned to support one another. We learned to have empathy for others around us. We learned that love and support are powerful tools.

I can’t write all my thoughts down on this post, although I want to, but I can most certainly end by sharing simply what I’ve learned over my short life. God is real. He wants us to become like him. The way we treat those around us reflects who we are inside. It reflects what we have learned while on our mortal journey. We can choose to ignore our divine callings in this life, or we can embrace them. We can choose to support each other, or we can choose to ignore what is in front of our face. We can choose to love, or we can choose to hate.

Keep fighting the good fight people. Keep the Faith. Love one another.