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Under the Sea

Today was bath day! So we all know what that usually means for me….PHOTO SHOOT! I mean, how can I not when they are so stinking cute??? I could just dress them up all day every day if they would let me!!!

My sweet friends Pam and Jazzy bought the girls these mermaid outfits and today they were the perfect fit! These pictures do no justice for how cute they really looked! I wish Loni could take every picture that I ever wanted hahah Speaking of Loni (Loni Smith Photography) She sent me some pictures that are TO DIE FOR! I mean you might literally die from your heart exploding from cuteness! She is working on editing a few more for me and I will do a blog post with them Monday or Tuesday! I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS!!! Like I have said before, Loni will be doing several photo shoots of the girls over the course of their first year of their lives so make sure you follow her fb page here  so you can see the latest and greatest photos!! She is fabulous!!!



Now for my little fishies!!! SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






I was only able to get a twin shot of Indie and Ezzy here because the other two decided I was very mean for dressing them up for longer than needed! hahahm1

School of Fish!



Stay tuned for the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen at the beginning of next week! I can’t stop staring at these beautiful pictures! Thank you Loni for doing such a fabulous job! You are very talented!!!