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Update For Today On Scarlett

As you know Scarlett had a little accident on Sunday night. If you missed that you can read all about it here.

All of you have been so incredible to us especially over these last few days. Its been a rough last few days at that! So I feel like it is only appropriate to update all of you who have been so kind with your comments, prayers and concerns. You guys all love these girls so much too and I feel you all deserve to know how she is doing!

We we are officially 3 days out from that traumatic accident and I cant wait till we can say we are months out from it! I just want our little one to be completely healed and back to normal again. Yesterday we decided to take her to a Pediatric Hand Surgeon just to make sure he thought everything was great too. It never hurts to get a second opinion and make sure we are doing all we physically can for our kids. You can read all about that appointment here.  










I just wanted to do a little update on her today as well so you guys can see how she is feeling and doing! Well last night she slept great! THANK THE MAKER! I know that your body does its best healing when it is resting! I have been waking up and giving her medication throughout the night to make sure her pain stays away. She shouldn’t have to feel any more that she has to our more than she already has, and it has been working great!

I admire kids ability to bounce back! Man, life would be easier as an adult if we could all bounce back like that! If I happen to miss a dose of her medication I can tell that she starts to hurt a little bit more. She gets really sad and cries a little bit more so I am making sure to keep up on it. 










As of today, she is doing great! She is so happy all the time and super smiley! Every time we look at her she just gives us this huge cheesy grin that melts my heart! I think she has been loving all this extra attention from momma and papa! 

We have had a few friends send her some balloons and get well gifts and she and her sisters are loving that and we cannot thank them enough for thinking of us at this time. 

Today we were completely out of groceries so we went out for a Costco and Walmart run with all the girls and they seemed to love being out of the house. Scarlett was smiling at everyone passing by.










She doesn’t seem to mind the wrap on her hand. At first I was so nervous that she would constantly be trying to rip it off her hand but she doesn’t even pay any attention to it at all. The first few days her sisters were pretty interested in it but they have since just accepted it as part of Scarlett for now and don’t pay any attention to it anymore either.

The cutest thing happened last night. Evie I can tell has been sad that her sissy has been hurt. We have kinda kept Scarlett away from everyone and been super protective of her had as the doctor said we have to be careful it doesn’t get bumped much (not super easy for a 19 month old with 3 19 month old sisters running around. But we have done our best). Evie was in her crib crying after we had put them down for bed so I went in there to check on her and she was standing up looking at Scarlett’s crib. I could tell she was just missing her sissy and wanted to see if she was ok. So I picked Evie up and walked over to Scarlett’s crib and said “look! Sissy is right there and she is ok!” Scarlett stands up and puts out her little claw hand towards Evie as if she was showing her. Evie puts her hand forward and I brought them together. I was a bit nervous that she was going to hurt Scarlett’s hand but she didn’t! She just touched her hand and then they started laughing! It was the sweetest thing ever! They just held hands and laughed for a few minutes. 

I think Scarlett was telling her sissy that she was ok and not to worry! Right after that I put Evie back in her crib and they both fell fast asleep. I just love the special bond that my girls all have with each other and the different special bond they have with their individual twin. It just melts my heart that they will always have each other forever! Best friends for life! 









We cannot even begin to thank all of you enough from the bottom of our heart! We are so grateful to have this army of support behind us constantly reassuring us that we are doing a good job! Parenting isn’t easy on anyone. Sometimes we all feel like we are constantly falling short but the truth is you’re NOT!!! You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! Know one knows your kids like you do and what they need better than you. We all just need the support of one another. Thank you for being our support system not only through these rough few days but for the last 2 years! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  


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