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Update On All Things Ashley!

Its that time again that I give you all an update on what is going on with each of our family members! As each day passes, it seems there is so much more to be told! We share as much as we can through social media, but its hard to share everything that is happening in our world! These little blogs allow me to share a little bit more of the personal end of things, as well and give me an opportunity to use the blog as a journal that we can all go back and read whenever we want! I love having these memories to look back on!

This blog is all about our mama bear, Ashley!

Ashley has really been blossoming these last few months! Not only is she an incredible mother and wife, she is taking on the business world as well, and making it look easy! Some days, I’m just trying to keep up with this girls work ethic! It can be exhausting, but she sets the tone for our family and I know that when she starts a project, she’s not stopping until it’s finished! I look up to that example!

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Ashley became a Senegence (Lipsense) Distributor late last August. As a distributor, you really are building your own business from the ground up. Ashley started at ground zero and has dominated the business these last 8 months! I think because the business is makeup/beauty related, she really has a passion for what she does every day! Having over 10 years of esthetician and makeup artist experience has really helped along the way! Since joining, she has shot to the top of the company in most of their categories! As most of you know, we just got back from her work seminar, which is a recognition and award banquet mixed with training on new products. During award night for the entire company, Ashley took home 2 out of three of the number 1 awards the company had to offer! I’d like to say it was surprising to me that she did this, but I’ve known her too long, and it wasn’t at all. Her work ethic and passion for what she does really has paid off for her in her business, and for us as a family financially! We have been blessed from how hard she works!

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Although she has been extremely successful with her new business, it pales in comparison to the kind of mother she is to our 4 miracles! Ashley has a way about her that makes everyone around her feel comfortable and loved. This most definitely includes our children! As someone who is still mastering patience, Ashley embodies the type of patience needed to care for and teach 4 small children that learn from every word and action we make. It has been humbling watching her become a mother, and also stepping into that role so fully committed, nothing scares her. This in turn gives me confidence as a Father to be her equal! Along with being patient, Ashley is kind, loving, compassionate, caring, understanding, playful, loyal, trusting, faithful and strong. All qualities you need as a parent. I am blessed that I have her by my side as we raise these miracles God entrusted us with.

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Ashley is turning the big 3-0 this year! This is a big milestone for most people! For some, this may be a hard thing to embrace, but I only see Ashley getting more excited for what’s ahead of her. Setting goals has given her something to look forward to, and rarely do I see her looking back or wishing she could go back and change the past. I think that says a lot about the type of person she is. Accomplishments only hold their luster for so long, and I love that she is constantly pushing herself to be better, smarter, stronger and happier. I can say without a doubt it motivates me to do the same.

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Ashley is usually the life of the party. Wherever she is, you’ll find laughing and happiness. She loves get to know new people. She makes them feel comfortable almost immediately. She thrives off relationships, and building them is only the beginning. She is loyal to a fault. I’ve heard more than one person claim she is their best friend, and I think every single one of them is correct. No one is more important than the next in her eyes. Everyone holds their own unique value, and that’s how she makes people feel special and needed. I think this has been one of her biggest attributes to building a successful career and a keeping a loving and nurtured home!

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You’d never guess she has mistakes, faults or trials by how happy her countenance is. She uses them to better herself and those around her. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen as her husband is watching her take a bad situation and make something positive out of it. I’ve lost count of the amount of people she’s helped from personal experience. Knowing how to relate to someone on a personal level is a talent and a gift. She has that gift.

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I love how she sees each of our children’s own uniqueness. There is no comparison because they are not the same. They each hold different gifts, and Ashley knows that. One is not greater than the other, as they each offer something unique and incredible. Can you imagine how blessed all four children are to know they are all loved more than anything! Ashley has been an incredible mother, and just like anything else she attempts, she’ll only get better!

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I’m grateful to call Ashley my wife. She has loved me with all of her being from day 1! She has supported me in my endeavors, schooling and hobbies. She has cheered me on in my sporting events, pushed me to graduate college, encouraged me to be a better friend, brother , and son, all while helping me to become a better husband. The ultimate gift she has given me though, is that of being a Father. I am eternally grateful for all that she went though physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally to bring our 4 miracles into this life. The only way I see fit to repay her is to love her unconditionally every day.

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I really couldn’t imagine walking down this road we call life with any other person. My grandma used to say, “For every Jack there’s a Jill”, and I definitely found my “Jill”!