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Very first Piggies

   Yesterday I was playing with Evie’s hair and I noticed that I might possible be able to get a piggy in there. So yesterday I waited patiently till bath time so I could test out my theory and I was right!!! Although the girls, with the exception of Indie, were not too thrilled about it I thought it was so stinking cute!!! I snapped as many pictures and the girls would allow me to before they got too mad and me and then it was time for bed.     

Sad Evie Bear

  This morning they were much happier and ready for a little photo shoot with Mama. I don’t know if I will ever get another picture of them all smiling at once again like I use to be able to. The girls are so busy now and interested in everything around them that they don’t care how crazy mom gets anymore working for a smile. They are bored of me now. Look how cute these pictures turned out….

Indie’s face kills me



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