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We Can't Kick This Sickness…Off To The Doctor

So as all of you know we have had a very rough couple of weeks! First it started as a little cold with the girls that unfortunately I caught fairly quickly which turned into a sinus infection and ear infection for me, and right during the time I was going on my girls trip with my mom and sisters to Denver! I still had fun but It would have been great to be able to hear out of my left ear and be able to breathe! haha











Well it seemed that we were all getting better and then the flu hit our house like a tornado! First poor Evie got it then the next day it was Scarlett and Esme. Then Mama and Indie had it and last daddy got it! Tyson wrote a blog on that here

The last few days Scarlett and Evie have had some greenish discharge coming out of their eyes, poor things. So yesterday I called the doctor up and they wanted us to bring them in to check everything out. Indie and Esme seem to be at 100% again so we just took Scarlett and Ev.

First they weighed them and we got a sneak peek at their weight before their 18 month appointment that is on July 7th. Scarlett was 22 lbs 11.5 oz. and Evie is still the heavy weight champion at 23 lbs 12 oz! No one has ever beat her out at her heavy weight title! I am so proud of these little preemie babies and how far they have come! They are so big and healthy and it is a good thing. 









First we checked out Scarlett and she had good oxygen and a slight fever at 99.8. Scarlett is feisty and didn’t think it was very cool to have her foot wrapped up like that. I always half way joke that it is NICU PTSD…I say ‘half’ because I really think there is some truth to that statement.










Then it was Evie’s turn and she had good oxygen and no fever. She is such a happy baby and didn’t mind anyone checking her out much as long as she had something to play with.

We then waited for a minute for the doctor to come in. He checked the girls lungs, ears and throats and determined that they both have a sinus infection that is so bad that its literally pushing its way out their tear ducts, and Evie has a right ear infection. Poor girls! Every time we get a cold these two ALWAYS end up with a sinus infection and an ear infection. Dr. Mumford told us that it is just in their DNA and this might always be the case. Indie and Ezzy aren’t prone to that and thats why they tend to heal up quicker. 









He said the girls need to be on antibiotics for 10 days and it should clear it right up. I feel so bad that they have to feel this pain. I know from just a few weeks ago how miserable a sinus and ear infection can be and it breaks my heart that they have to go through it so much. I wish we could protect them from all the horrible things of this world but this is just part of life. I guess there has to be some lesson to be learned from going through it and from having to watch you kids go through it. 

We were on our way out but not before Scarlett continued to give everyone in the office some dirt looks. It was kinda funny as I have never seen her scowl at anyone like that before. Every time someone would look at her she would give them this look…










I am so glad I was able to catch it in a photo because it is so cute. I know she is just remembering what usually happens when she goes to the doctor and was wanting everyone to know that she remembered. Sweet girl.

I am kinda excited for their 18 month check up that will happen on the 7th of July because I cannot wait to see what they all are weighing right now and how their growth has been. I totally enjoy watching these babies learn and grow and develop. It truly brings joy to my heart that longed for this for so long.

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