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We Choose Our Outlook In This Life

sunlight stop seeking stormsI’ve always found it important to choose a positive outlook when faced with challenges in this life. Often we find ourselves in burdened with life’s tests. It is easy for us to see these as trials and sometimes give up. I would encourage all of you against this way of thinking.

Ashley and I have had many challenges that we have overcome, the hardest being our challenge to have children. As you can imagine, there were many trivial days. There were many days we wanted to give up. Many negative thoughts entered our minds trying to persuade us to quit trying, give up, throw in the towel. I believe this is common for most of us as we face our challenges. Today i just want to share our message of how we overcame these trials and faced them.

We have a belief in God the Father and in the Savior Jesus Christ. Through their grace, our trials were turned to miracles. Often times in this life, we believe, our Father in Heaven gives us trials to prepare us for what is to come. Through our 8 year trial of infertility, we were more than prepared for what our Father in Heaven had in store for us. Had we not experienced these trials, we would never have the opportunity to know the triumphs. Ashley says it best when discussing our trials; “I would never trade them for anything”. What she means by this is that we learned far more from our trials than we ever could have imagined; but that required a mindset. A positive mindset.

Through those years, i’m not going to lie, it was difficult being happy all the time. We wanted to have a family, and it took longer than we expected. Knowing what we know now, we laugh about our trials because we have learned so much from them, and in hindsight, they seem so distant and long ago. But in the middle of them, one of the challenges was choosing a positive mindset. That was the first key to our success. The second was leaning on each other. The third was trusting in our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ, who knows all suffering. These 3 keys were integral to receiving our miracles sitting in our living room right now.

We know that today may seem tough, and tomorrow just as daunting. We know that your dreams and goals may seem like they will never happen. We have experienced those feelings. We also know that today teaches us something we did not know yesterday, and with tomorrow comes a new lesson. We encourage you all to continue to reach for your goals and dreams. Nothing is out of reach. Have faith in our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ, they love us all and want us all to succeed. Have faith in yourself, for God gives his hardest trials to his strongest children.  Have faith and trust in each other. The Lord above knows that we made it through this immense trial together. Seek the sunlight my friends, and let the warmth bless your lives.