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We have Teeth!!!!!

Well, we know what all the fussing has been about for the last couple of weeks! The girls are getting their teeth!


First girl mama  checked was Evie, and there it was! The lone culprit of all of her discomfort the last few weeks! Although is must be painful for these little ones, I’m amazed at how happy they continue to be!! Especially Evie, she is always smiling, even through  a cry sometimes!


 Scarlett was next, and although they haven’t broken through yet, she has two bottom teeth ready for action! I’m assuming we’ll see them this week just in time for turkey dinner!!

Esme followed suit with Evie, and has one poking right up saying hello! She was a little more hesitant about showing mom and dad, but we finally got this pic at last! You can see she wasn’t very happy, poor little thing!

Indie of course is tailing behind, and we don’t see any teeth yet, but know they are making their way as she loves to chew on her toys compulsively! Look at that sweet face! I don’t ever want to lose that gummy smile!!!!!!

All in all, the last couple of weeks have been a little more work, but at the same time have brought more cuddles and hugs! Mom and Dad will never be upset about that! Wish us luck as these 4 beauties start moving into the toddler phase of life! And pray for us as sometimes we cry more than the kids at how fast they grow up!