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Weisenburger Family Reunion! 

Yesterday we had a family reunion on my side of the family- The Weisenburger Family Reunion! Almost everyone was able to make it! We missed those who weren’t there! 

It was so great to see everyone and visit. Only a few of them had met the babies before so it was a first for most! The girls did so well dispire being utterly exhausted. I tried to put them down for a nap but they knew what was happening outside and didn’t want to miss a second of it! 

 All the Weisenburger Siblings 
Everyone wanted to get a picture with the babies and it was so fun to see everyone love them! 

 My cousin Mindy with the babies  
My cousin Britni with the babies 

My cousin Hailey with the babies   
My  Uncle Kim with all the babies under one years old! 
My cousin Ty and Alexis- they are getting married tomorrow!   
My Aunt CeAnn with the babies  

My cousin Paige with the babies 
  My Uncle brought the car that my Grandpa built from the group up and we got to take a picture of the babies in it. My grandpa died a few years ago so it was so fun to see that  piece of my childhood again! It is a beautiful car and we were all in love with it growing up!

  I’m so grateful for family and reunions. It so great to catch up right where we left off again!

 My dad and I. 

Uncle George!  


Uncle Howard

  Uncle Mark


Uncle Kim



So there are these drinks that you can only get at this little burger joint in the small town where my grandparents lived in American Falls Idaho. They are called blue raspberry cream slush. I honestly have had dreams about these drinks! My awesome Uncle Howard walked in and handed one to me. He brought me one all the way down! He pack them in ice so they would stay fresh. When he handed it to me I started freaking out! I thought I would never see one of those again after my grandpa died! 

And last one…look at this cute picture of Twins, twins and more twins!