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We're Out Of The Woods

What a rough week the last one was! I’ve never seen the girls (or us) so sick all at the same time! RSV is no joke! What started with croup turned to RSV quickly, and spread throughout the house! With 4 toddlers that share everything, there’s really no stopping a sickness this contagious (even with a  clean-freak father)!

One of the hardest parts of the week was Ashley and I feeling so horrible, but not being able to call in reinforcements! We didn’t want to make anyone else sick, so we put up a wall and weathered the storm! As exhausted as we were, things seemed to work out, and we got massive amounts of cuddle time with our sick babies! Im going to miss the days when they don’t want to cuddle all day long!

Its a new week, and thankfully, all of us are feeling so much better! The girls energy levels are up, and theyre back to eating most things we offer them! Indie has come full circle and is out-eating her sisters! Ashley was the last to get this, but she seems to be doing almost as good as I, which tells me her immune system is far better, and she’s probably in better shape!

I want to thank all of you again, for your prayers and just daily warm messages! It is always so awesome to read positive loving messages! I really feel like Ashley and I live in this alternate universe some days with the amount of love thrown our way daily! Thank you so much for that! I promise you, it never goes unnoticed!

I hope all of you are having an amazing Monday so far, and that there are many fun and exciting things awaiting you this week! The Gardner Quad Squad is on the mend, so look to see much more of us this week as we get in the saddle!