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What A Year Can Do


I recently came across this picture on my Facebook feed from last summer. I am completely blown away by what a year can do. So much has changed for our little, growing family. When I look at this picture, it brings back so many warm memories.

During this time, we were still in that initial adjustment phase. The girls were not mobile yet, which made for special moments like this where we could lay all the girls around us and just marvel in the blessings we had been given by God. I remember just laying there on the bed with Ashley taking turns holding each girl and then passing them off and picking up another.

They would all just lie there so content on our bed, looking all around processing their surroundings. As excited and curious as they were to their surroundings, I think Ashley and I were just as excited and curious as to our new surroundings.

Those days are so precious and special to us, as we know, they are probably the last we will experience of those stages with our own children. Sometimes when I look at pictures like this, I get emotional knowing that this time has passed. I don’t stay sad too long though, as I have so many wonderful and happy memories, and I know I will have them forever.

As I look at the kiddos today running around, throwing toys and pulling things off shelves, I am amazed at what a year can do. During this time last year, we we’re enjoying our quiet moment on our bed with all of our blessings. Today, we are chasing them around the house, looking for shoes, and wondering which one we forgot to change. As different as the times and memories are, they are all blessing nonetheless, and we are grateful to our Father in Heaven for choosing us to raise these independent, strong-willed, beautiful blessings.

Im thankful today for this picture, for memories I’ve written down in my journal, for my children, wife, and God. These are things I hold precious and dear.



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