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What Are Musts To Do With The Girls At Disneyland?

Ok everybody, this is where we need your help! As you know we gave the girls a trip to Disneyland for their birthday and will be heading there next month! Everyone is so excited! We had such a blast with them last we went, but feel like they weren’t all the way comprehending where they were! This time around, we know for certain they know where they are going, and we’re pumped to see their faces and watch them experience the magic!

So, my question for all of you out there, especially Disney fanatics like us, “what are must dos for 4 year olds heading to the magic kingdom??!”

Food- We of course know the usual churro and corn dog vendors as they are staples, but we also thought it would be fun to do a themed restaurant or experience with the girls! What are your favorites?

Bippidy Boppidy Boutique- I think that’s what its called?? Anyways, those of you that have experienced this, is it worth it? Which package was the best bang for your buck? How did your children enjoy the experience? Is it too long? Too short? Give us all your thoughts and info please as this is one that is at the top of our list, but we haven’t experienced it ourselves so we’re in the dark a little!

Rides- Of course we need to know all of your favorite rides for kids our age. Obviously this is not a big kid trip and the rollercoasters with be limited (except for Ash, we all know she’s getting on that rollercoaster), but we want to also stretch our limits and do some of the better rides that are good for both kids and adults! Can they do Bear River Run at this age? The Matterhorn? Splash Mountain? I think that one would be so much fun, but am a little nervous for the drop on that one. Can a child ride with an adult on that one? Let us know all your secrets and tips please!!!

Any other tips, tricks, or secrets will be definitely appreciated! Ashley and I have both loved the park on the couple occasions we have gone, and the last one with the girls was just magical. I think that is what is exciting us the most, is that we know this one’s going to be even more special because the girls know all things Disney at this point! Give us all the good feedback! We love and appreciate all you help!

Bonus question: If you had free day in Southern California not spent at the park, what would be your top recommendation for a bunch of kids? ( Our best friends and their 4 kids will be their with us.)

Thanks! Love you all!