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What Do We Do For A Living?

So this is one of the more common questions we see come across the vlogs and social posts that always surprises us a bit. I’m not sure if its just new followers who haven’t been with us from the start, or those who have and just aren’t quite sure how we do it all! This blog will hopefully answer all your questions and let you get a glimpse of what it is we do over here day to day! Here we go!

Youtube– Our vlog page Gardner Quad Squad has been up and running since October of 2015! Hard to believe we’ve been doing it that long. We didn’t start out as daily vloggers though, and we took a much needed break in January and February of 2018, but we’re back on track and happy to call ourselves daily vloggers again.

The vlog came about as a discussion that first year of the girls lives. We were filming “Rattled” for TLC, and they were of course documenting everything. At that time, we were excited to be able to watch everything that had been produced and edited so professionally on national television, but we also wondered if we were losing out on capturing our own precious footage to have for years to come. The show made many edits and cut down so much of what was filmed. We wanted to capture our own footage through our viewpoint and be our own editors and producers. We did that and  we never looked back. Flash forward to today and some of our most memorable nights are watching the old vlogs with the girls and seeing their reaction to what was going on when they were so little. Its also so fun for Ashley and I to look back and reminisce on what a miracle journey we have been living!

Although the vlog takes a major dedication to filming and editing, it has been a very rewarding project for our family all around!

Senegence– You probably know this company better as Lipsense! Ashley started her own business as a distributor with this company in the late summer of 2016. This was a business that we had said no to several times over as we were already spreading ourselves way too thin. A friend kept calling Ashley to join her team however, and thankfully so because it has blossomed into our top business we run these days! We are very grateful and humbled by the opportunity this company has given us and the freedom it has allowed us to travel the world and chase our business and personal dreams!

Ashley offers a full range of long-wear cosmetics form foundation to lasting lip color. Along with her passion from her esthetics background, she’s also able to sell the best skin care on the market! Make sure you follower her Facebook group Quadruple the kisses for educational live feeds and sales on products!

A Miracle Unfolding– Our first business that launched us into the entrepreneurial world! We started this online baby boutique when the girls were still in the NICU. Crazy its been going for almost 4 years now! We’re so proud of how well it has fared over the years and especially love hearing all the warm and positive feedback from all of our customers! You guys are simply amazing and we owe everything to your love and support!

Our shop started off with just 4 simple swaddle blankets, each named after the girls! It has grown to house headbands, bows, winter hats, knitted hats, infant toys, plush blankets and double swaddles! We are so very proud of the growth and hope those of you who haven’t taken a look, come over for a visit! A Miracle Unfolding is not just a business to us, its what started our adventure of me being able to work from home and raise our miracles with Ashley side by side! Thank you again for all of your support! It means everything to us!

The Blog– Our blog Gardner Quad Squad has been one of our projects that has really received the least amount of time and energy from us. Not because we don’t love it, but because there has not been enough time to work it into the rotation. As much as I love writing blogs, Ashley loathes it. So its really been a juggling act for me to keep it consistent, and I apologize.

When we started the blog, it was really a way to keep all of our followers updated in detail on the girls growth and also to share of few of our stories from the journey of infertility to 4 miracles told by us! We wanted to write down our thoughts and feelings so that the girls could always have them to look back upon and know how they came to be. The story of our struggle and success is something we want them to appreciate and know. That was very important to us.

Over the years the blog has blossomed and grown into sharing family recipes, personality updates ont he girls, picture blogs, and of course, my personal thoughts poured out onto the blog page. We really hope you’ve enjoyed the few blogs we’ve managed to get out, and hope that you are ready for more as I’ve made it my goal this year to be a little more consistent with my journaling! Read some old blogs here from the beginning!

Promotional Work– This is a job that is very fluid and transforms daily. It can include promoting a product through our social media channels, or experiencing an adventure and showcasing it on our personal vlogs. We have been blessed to work with many companies and products over the years suck as Minky Couture, Disney, Cheerios, Freshly Picked, Hello Fresh, and Grove Collaborative to name a few. This has been one of our favorite job tasks as we’ve been able to experience and sample so many things we normally would not have had the opportunity to do so. Through this opportunity, many of these have become household names and products at the Gardner residence!

We want to thank so many of you for helping us launch this platform and supporting the many companies and products we promote and influence. We have gained many important and friendly relationships over the years, especially the one we’ve gained and maintain with our following. Thank you so much!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and it has answered some of the questions you all have regarding our daily activities and job titles. I’m not sure Ashley or I have a specific job title as we both wear many hats, but we’re happy to be juggling all of our adventures and growing both personally and professionally. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!