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What I'm Grateful For Today

Today I had a few brief moments to reflect back on life a bit, and remember all the things I am grateful for in my life. Here’s a short list of a few things that ran through my head today!

I am grateful for my Father in Heaven and his infinite wisdom. He has a perfect plan for each and every one of us, and I am grateful to be a part of that plan. Although I am not perfect, he entrusts me with things that help me grow and betters my life. I look to him for counsel and comfort often, and am always surrounded by his love.

I am grateful for my beautiful wife Ashley. She has been an amazing support system and confidant for me over the past 11 years. She has shown me unconditional love. She has taught me compassion. She leads by example. She makes me want to be a better person by who she is everyday. I love her with all of my heart, and she is my biggest blessing God has gifted me.

I am eternally grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is who I look to for peace. He is the perfect example of love and charity. He suffered for my sins, and gave me a chance at eternal life. He has done everything for me, and I only hope that my time here on this earth will be worthy to enter into his presence in the next.

I am blessed and so grateful for my family. I cannot name them all and everything they have done for me, it would become a book; but I can tell you how blessed I am to be a part of such an incredible group of people. Although there are many things I’ve had to sacrifice without in my life, love was never one of them. I came from simple means, but unity and love were abundant. My family has been loyal and loving to me, and I cant ask for much more than that.

I am grateful for my children. My wife as the only exception, my children have been my greatest blessing. Other than bringing complete joy into my life, they have taught me patience, compassion, tenderness, humility, charity, and love. They continue to teach me more than I teach them, I am sure of it. How humbled I am every day that God chose Ashley and I to raise these four beautiful miracles.

I am grateful for life. Life has been hard, but life has been rewarding. Through the good and the bad, I have come to cherish all that I hold dear in this life. I have been blessed dearly with the knowledge that this life is not the end, only the beginning. I look forward to each and every day so that I may learn something new, meet someone new, and love and understand something or someone new.

Today has been a good reflection day, and I’ve enjoyed the quality time I’ve been able to spend with my little family. I hope you all have had the same opportunity, and if not, there’s always tomorrow! Love you all!