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What Is The Purpose Of This Life

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As we woke up yesterday and started our daily routine of changing diapers and getting the girls ready for the day, we noticed Esme wasn’t putting any pressure on her left leg. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t standing at all, and was crying unless being held. After ruling out her leg being asleep, we knew we needed to call the doctor to bring her in and have her leg looked at (Please see todays vlog for a look at what went on yesterday).

Ashley’s parents were already coming to visit the girls that afternoon as Ashley and I were going to an appointment and running some errands. We called and asked if they could come over earlier than expected so we could take Esme to the doctor, and they obliged. By this point, we had updated our social media family as to what our morning was looking like. Over the  course of the next couple of hours, we both had received calls and texts from our family; uncles, grandmas, aunts, and friends, all wondering how Esme was doing. It never takes long for them to reach out once word travels.

As we were saying goodbye to Indie, Scarlett, and Evie, and loading Esme into the car, I started thinking about the purpose of life, and what was truly important to Ashley and I. The whole morning consisted of our little family. As we ran into a dilemma, we then relied on extended family to step in and help out. Our Social Media family was made aware of our situation. Our extended family and friends continued checking in throughout the day looking for updates, and offering assistance. I was being reminded of how important the family unit is in this life.

How incredibly important our Families are to each and every one of us here in this life! As I started pondering all my days of existence, every memory is filled with family. All the birthdays, weddings, basketball games, holidays, summers, camping trips, weekends, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays were all dotted with Family. Now this isn’t a huge surprise to many of you, including myself, but it was a reminder of how important family is to me and also the role they play in the purpose of life.

As a child who came from divorce and many other difficult circumstances, I truly appreciate the cohesiveness and love of a strong family unit. My goal has always been to find the one I love and raise with them a family together, forever. Although the goal seems simple enough, it requires honest effort and attention daily. When you have something that is more important than anything else in the world; something you would give anything to receive, and once in possession would go to any lengths to protect, one might call that your purpose in life. My purpose in life is my family. There is nothing more important to me than my wife and children. Therefore, you know where my efforts rest.

That being said, I must thank my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ for bestowing such a generous gift upon me. Not only have they given me everything I could  ever hope for, they have given me a way to have these gifts forever into the eternities. There is no end in sight for my family, because I have the been given the Plan of Salvation from my Father in Heaven, and the atoning blood and sacrifice of my savior Jesus Christ. How humble and meek that makes my heart to ponder. They love all of us so much, that they have given us a promise of eternal life with those we love if we will follow their commandments.

As Esme is healing and getting back to being that busy toddler that she is, I am so grateful for my family that I have been blessed with. Im happy Esme has her sisters to accelerate her back to health. I’m grateful that all my girls have Ashley and I to rely on for love and protection. Im humbled that Ashley and I have so many brothers and sisters to lean on for support. I’m especially grateful that we both have our parents to go to for wisdom and experience, and most of all love. In my humble and honest opinion, there is nothing more important or powerful than family. How grateful I am for mine!


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