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A Response To 'What Faith Means To Me'










As I was scrolling through Facebook this morning I had a friend on there who was struggling with her faith and asked the question ‘What does Faith mean to you?’ I felt the urge to respond seeing as my faith has been strengthen so much over the last few years. After I hit send another thought came to mind and I thought that I should share my response with all of you as will.


Here is my short response on what faith means to me….


Faith means that everything is going to be ok in the end. That doesn’t EVER mean that things always happen when or the way we want them to but the fact that you will be ok with what happens. That you WILL make it through. Life is hard and not fair and it’s like that for a reason. If it was easy then we wouldn’t be able to learn and grow into better people. Having faith gets you through the your trials and after the trial you choose how you learn from it. You choose for it to make you better or bitter.


Faith means that you trust in The Lord to make all things right in the end. And he will. I know this by experience.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant with the girls one set of twins developed TTTS. This almost killed them all! I flew to California the next day to get surgery on the girls and then on myself because I was dilated to a 3. If I would have been there one day later I would have lost all 4 babies.

The night before my surgery I was so scared and my faith was shaken. I prayed so hard for them to be ok. Little things kept happening and I knew it was Heavenly Father giving me little signs. I had faith that it was all going to be ok! What I mean by ‘ok’ is that I knew that no matter the outcome, good or bad, that I was going to make it through this with the help of my Father in Heaven. It didn’t mean that it was going to be easy, in fact it was the hardest thing I ever did. But I knew that if I lost them all he would make it right in the end as long as I did my part to have faith in Him. And if they all lived through the surgery that I would make it through the next few months of very difficult bedrest and tasks I would have to do to keep them safe.










Faith is something you have to practice at. It’s something that you get better at. Once you exercise your faith a lot it won’t be the thing that shakes, it will be what holds you together and keeps you going because you know that good things are to come from this trial.


I hope this helps. I’m sorry it’s so long but I have had faith building experiences so much in these last 2 years of my life. So much that it’s impossible for me to ever turn my back on it again. Heavenly Father knows you! He know your struggles and your strengths and he is very aware of what you are going through on a day to day basis. He is just waiting for you to turn to him and ask for help. He is waiting to help you.