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What’s Ahead In 2020 For The Gardner Quad Squad

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Wow! Its been so long since i’ve sat down in front of the computer and written a blog! Today is the day, and im hoping this year will bring much more of these journal entries so I have them to pass down to our children!

First of all, thank you all very much for your continued love and support of our family! We have been truly blessed by a God in heaven, and it is evident everyday by the love and support we see everyday by all of you! I don’t know what we did to deserve you all, but we are truly grateful, I promise you that!

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Next, we have so many fun and exciting things coming up this year! The girls are 5 already, can you believe that! I cant!!!!! Sometimes I get so mad at how fast time goes by, but at the same time, im just trying to soak up all the moments and enjoy the time we have together! That being said, we have so many fun adventures planned this year, starting off with Disney World and a Disney Cruise coming up in February! We have been very blessed to be invited back for Disney Creator Days this year, and the girls are so excited! Last year was truly amazing and we made so many memories! This will we will make even more! Make sure you guys are subscribed to our Youtube channel, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts as we will be posting daily on these traveling adventures, sometime live feeds! Excited to have you join us!

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The girls are doing dance and music this year, and are thriving at both! Preschool is going great, and they are learning so much! All 4 are already reading! We are so proud of them! And also very grateful for an amazing preschool that has been phenomenal!

There is a lot going on in our business world! We’ll be taking a step back form certain things, and introducing ourselves to new opportunities! Stay tuned for more updates on this as we move along!

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Make sure you’re following Ashley’s Cosmetic and Skin Care page, as she does excellent live feeds and tutorials on makeup, skin care, and overall business! She’s amazing, and you wont regret it! Search Quadruple the Kisses on Facebook and Instagram!

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There is talk of a  podcast coming for the family! Keep your ears open for dates and topics! So excited about this one! Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

That’s all im going to update today! We love and appreciate you all! Have a wonderful Monday and start to your week!


Also, in cased you missed our last vlog, here it is below!