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What's Important In Life

I had a little extra time tonight with my thoughts, so I decided to write a blog instead of sleep. Hopefully I don’t pay the price tomorrow! These are just a few thoughts I’ve had recently about what is truly important in life. I’ve come a long way in my own, and my viewpoint has changed several times, but I find as I get older the simple truths in this life seem more evident than ever. I’d like to share a few that have been on my mind as of late.

There has never been, nor will there ever be anything more important than family. Family is the essence of life. In the short time I’ve spent in this life, I’ve come to realize this truth. When you’re growing up, friends are everything, but as time goes by, friends fade away, and family always resurfaces and takes their place in the most important roles in your life. For Ashley and I especially, we have come to know and appreciate this truth. How grateful we are that our family has been so supportive of us in our journey down this road of life. Things could have been so much more difficult for us, but instead our family has always been in the background just waiting with open arms and unconditional love. I realize this is not the case for all of in this life, and that is why I cherish both of our families so much. I also challenge myself everyday to be the family member that I would want to have in my life. What do I have to offer to those closest to me?

I owe everything I have to my Father in Heaven. His perfect Plan of Salvation has given me a truth to grab a hold of that will never fail. Through my own experiences in this life, I can choose through my agency to have all that is important to me not only in this life, but in the eternities. How special is that. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to grasp on to something that promises you that every person you hold dear in your life can be with you forever? How grateful I am to a loving Heavenly Father who knows me perfectly and wants me to have all the righteous desires of my heart forever!

Who you choose as your spouse will be the most important decision you will ever make in this life. Thankfully I reached for the stars, and graciously one fell in my lap. Choosing Ashley was not only the most important decision I have made in my life, but it has been the wisest. From my own personal experience, choosing someone who had the same goals and ideals that I had, has given us something great to aspire towards together. What a journey its been accomplishing goals one by one, side by side. How happy and fulfilling this has been for me in this life. I will forever be grateful for my sweet Ashley, every day in this life and the next!

People are innately good and assumptions are very misleading. I could write a book on this truth, but I think our story simply shows the good in the world. If you want to know what I am talking about a little further, read this blog!

YOU make a difference every day. In your life and in the lives of others, especially those around you. What you put out into the world has a consequence.  It can be good or it can be bad. YOU make that decision. YOU get to choose how you affect the world. Think about that when you sit up in bed tomorrow morning. It is a new goal of mine that I’m starting just today. Do it with me!

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He died for my sins and for yours. Through his atoning sacrifice, you and I can be made whole and clean and live with him and our Father in Heaven forever in glory. All he needs is a desire from us. A desire to follow him. Through this small foothold, he will work miracles in your life; I promise, it has happened to me. How grateful I am to my savior Jesus Christ. How blessed I am to have a knowledge of him and of his life and ministry on this earth. How blessed I am to have a knowledge that he knows me. How humbling it is to know that he loves me, unconditionally. I love my savior.

I hope this blog was not too personal. These are my thoughts, and these are my beliefs. I share them with love. I love and appreciate all of you who have shared so much with me. You are incredible people doing incredible things, and many of you have inspired me. Thank you.


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