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Where Is Bentley???

We’re just getting settled in from the move, with a few more rooms to get unpacked and set up. Many of you have been following the move and we appreciate you hanging tight while we get our house together, and then play catch up on our social media! You guys have been awesome! We have been getting a repeating question lately, so i feel i must answer it and put all the worry to rest!

The Question: Where is Bentley???

Bentley is alive and very well! He has been staying at my Mom’s house while the move has been taking place! As a matter of fact, i heard a rumor that Grandma serves him pot roast and steak on his own plate at dinner time! He might never want to come home! LOL

We definitely have missed our big brother and he has returned home this weekend! The girls have anxiously been looking for their puppy! Thank you to all of you who have been so concerned about Bentley! He is very much loved not only by this family, but by all of you as well, and we appreciate that!

Bentley was our first fur baby, and he will always be a part of this family! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Look for my blog tomorrow!


PS, check out the video below to see Bentley reuniting with the family and playing in the park with the Girls!