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You Cant Control a Cold

The flu season is upon us and my OCD has set it. Believe it or not, you can do everything in your power to keep the house tidy and germs still get in. I don’t understand it, that’s just the way it is. Everyone who has been to our house knows I have two rules above any others; take off your shoes at the door, and wash your hands! There is no way around these two rules!

With the second winter for the girls coming, our doctors have advised us to keep them under lockdown one more cold season. This is very difficult for us as it limits the number of visitors coming in, and also us going out! So as you can imagine, by Spring, we’ll probably have a little cabin fever! Along with lockdown, I try to do all I can to make sure the house stays as clean as possible, especially now the girls are starting to show signs of mobility!

Along with all of the other experiences in life, I’ve learned in just this short period of time that the girls are inevitably going to be sick at some point and there’s nothing I can do about it. Case in point, the girls have all come down with colds this past weekend. As hard as I’ve tried to protect them for getting sick, I know that at some point, they are just going to have to experience these hurdles. Although I always want to be there protector, I’ve been astonished at how strong these babies really are! Im sure all you parents out there already know most of what im going through right now, but it has been fun and interesting for me to learn along the way!

Kids are tough! I mean, growing up with almost all boys, I knew we were tough, because there were so many of us, we didn’t get doted on too often. If we were sick, we took care of ourselves most of the time. But having daughters that spent 2 months in the NICU, I knew it would be different. I thought they would need a lot more care and especially more of my OCD germ awareness. I think I was wrong.

As you can see from recent pics, you wouldn’t even know the girls spent 2 months in the NICU, they are getting so big and strong. Although they are still catching up in some aspects of growth and development, the human body is  an amazing thing. As I’ve watched them get sick, I’ve also watched them overcome the sickness and thrive. As a paranoid first time parent, this has been amazing to watch! I’ve truly been amazed at the strength these little angels posses. They are truly gifts from God with a  purpose, but that does not excuse them from all the hurdles the rest of us face.

I know that sickness will come. I know they will fall down and get hurt. I know they will cry over physical pain and sometimes heartache. I also know that they will bounce back and with the strength God has given them thrive in any situation as they learn from their experience and grow and develop. I only hope I can learn as fast as they seem to do that I cannot control every situation or experience. They must learn as we all learn; but sometimes as a parent, especially a first time parent of NICU quadruplets with OCD tendencies, this can be a difficult task!

Luckily they seem to already be overcoming their small colds, as this morning they all had smiles on their faces! Thank you all for your support and prayers. As a family, we feel them daily, I promise you that. We have been touched by so many peoples kindness and thoughtfulness. We love you all so much! More updates to come soon!