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Your FAQS Answered

One of the most requested and popular blog topics has been these FAQS! So without any hesitation, here we go!

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-Besides being daily Vloggers, we know Ashley is running her skin care and makeup business; I’m curious about Tyson. Do you do something else, or is vlogging your main job?

Great question. I think so many people wonder who handles what over here. The answer is we both wear many different hats over here! We both have our hands in all of our businesses and give our strengths to each. Here are the main businesses we run as a family!

Senegence- Most of you know this as Lipsense. Ashley is obviously the face of the business, as well as our assistant Amanda. They run this business like a fine oiled machine. Occasionally they’ll let me package some lipstick and mail some packages. Other than that, its hands off for Dad! You can visit our site here.

Our Youtube Channel- We both split this responsibility right down the middle. We both film, edit, and post our videos via social media. You can find our channel here.

Our Blog- I think most of you know I handle this one almost 100%. Ashley does not enjoy writing, but lends her voice to several blogs. I handle the rest. You can find our blog page here.

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Our Online Baby Boutique- Most of you know this as A Miracle Unfolding. This has been our longest tenured business as we started it when the girls were still in the NICU. We absolutely love doing something that resonates so close to our life. It keeps our memories fresh of what those first years were like! This business is our heart! Although we used to split the responsibilities down the middle, I pretty much handle all operations of this business now completely. You can visit our shop here.

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Social Influencers- This has always been kind of a weird job title for me, but the bottom line is, it is a job, and we love doing it! This business consists of us promoting brands, companies and products such as Minky Couture, FabFitFun, Loopy Cases, Grove Collaborative, Hello Fresh, and Disney Aulani to name a few! We love working so closely with the great companies who we identify with as a family!

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-Do people recognize you in public? Do the girls ever wonder why they get so much attention in public?

Yes we most certainly do. I don’t even think most of it is because we are public, I think people are generally just curious if we have quadruplets. Its very rare to see quads, especially wandering around at the mall or Disneyland! LOL. The girls really don’t know any different, and I don’t think they’re old enough to understand what all the fuss is about. They’re used to people googling over them, that goes for family and friends too. Im sure there will come a point where they start to notice, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

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-If you had all boys, what would their names be?

I can tell you now, that back when we had the babies, we had literally no boy names. I think Grayson was on the table, but not even official. Our list was full of girl names. It was just meant to be. If I had to pick today, here’s my short list. Keep in mind, Ashley’s would probably be much different!

River, Grey, James, and Maverick

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-Was your family always supportive of this blogging/vlogging lifestyle? If not, how did you get them to come around? How do you handle it when family doesn’t agree with your parenting choices?

For the most part, both of our families were pretty supportive. Everything happened so fast from the beginning, I think we were all just looking for something to hold on to so not to get swept away. There were a few who were opposed, and didn’t really come around, but eventually they warmed up and realized this is our life now, and it is what it is.

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I think everyone deals with parents or family disagreeing about something we do. For me, the important thing is that we all continue to support one another. Its ok to have varying opinions, and even to voice them and have a discussion. What is not ok is to condemn, criticize, get defensive, or stonewall one another. Each parent must raise their children in an environment that is going to be healthy, happy, and safe. It those needs are met, it shouldn’t matter how it is done. Again, this is just my opinion, not fact.

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-I know Ashley’s favorite book is “Girl Clean Your Face”, but do you have a favorite book? Do you have a favorite book you read to the girls?

I do! I love the book by H. Jackson Brown Jr. called Life’s “Little Instruction Book”.  I’ve learned and applied many principles from this book that have benefitted my life!

Ashley’s favorite books to read to the girls are anything by Nancy Tillman.

I love to read anything with a  Fall or Halloween theme. Not just because I love them, but the girls love them too!

-Do you find your fan pages weird? Random strangers posting pictures of your children? Do you ever feel concerned about their safety?

This is a tricky question. Let me say this; most of the fan pages we know about are run by tweens. They do these pages out of love and respect to our family. I do not see anything wrong with this. Also, they are usually re-posting pictures we have already posted, sometimes editing them and putting their personal creativeness on them. I also do not see anything wrong with this.

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What I would have a problem with is somebody using the girls photos for something unwholesome. I think we all know whackos are out there. Unfortunately that is the world we live in. That being said, I’m not going to stop sharing the good and the light. I have to have faith that what we share is what God intended us to share, which is why he keeps giving us opportunities.

We do worry about their safety, everyday. I probably worry more than most. Ashley thinks im a little crazy sometimes, but my children are my life, and hers. There is nothing else that comes before them. I think you can all look at our family and know how careful we are, especially going out in public. There are very few occasions where we take them out alone. Even rare we take them out just the two of us. We always have an entourage and for good reason.

-How do you discipline them? How do you teach manners to all 4?

I love this question because its going to allow me to answer a lot of comments and questions that come in.

First of all, children are children. Ashley and I are in now rush to make them grow up an be adults. Being an adult is boring and they have all the time in the world for that. Being a child is priceless and we all know that it moves too fast. We’re going to let them be children as long as they want to be. If they want to fly to Neverland, we’re going with them!

That being said, that doesn’t mean we’re not teaching them manners and correct principles; right and wrong, how to treat others, and how to obey. We’re parents. We want what’s best for our children just like every other human being on this earth. Children aren’t perfect. Guess what, neither are adults. I’m definitely going to give the child the benefit of the doubt if they’re not picking up on something quickly. My point is, we have time. They have time. They’ll grow and develop and be just fine. They’ll all go through school, make friends, make mistakes, learn life lessons, find somebody to love and do what we’re doing now. That’s life. I just hope they let Ashley and I along for all of the journey, because there is nothing in their life that I don’t want to be a part of!

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I hope you have all enjoyed this FAQ blog. I have really enjoyed all of your questions! Please look forward to more of these, because I thoroughly enjoy writing them!


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