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Your Questions Answered All About Bentley

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Today’s blog will be all about the Quads big brother, Bentley! You guys had some really great questions and I’m excited to dive in! Hope you enjoy learning all about our fur baby, Bentley!

-Where did Bentley’s name come from?

This is a great questions to start off with, and probably one of my favorite stories! We picked Bentley up from the breeders and still hadn’t decided on a name for him yet. We had a couple that we were juggling around. Well we decided to take him around to families houses that night and show everybody our new fur baby. One thing you need to know about Ashley’s mom is that she’s not very fond of animals. Its not that she hates them or anything, she just thinks their dirty and belong outside. LOL. We arrived at her home and she let us come in the house with the puppy. Ashley’s niece Kaya was there. We were talking about the names we were thinking of; Ashley liked Bentley and I wanted Redford. Of course Ashley’s mom said she like Bentley over Redford. So I made a deal with her that if she let the little puppy kiss her lips, she could name it. After about 5 minutes of her psyching herself out, she finally kissed Bentley on the lips and the rest is history! We caught it all on video, but I cant seem to find it. Ill try and dig it up. Its worth watching! LOL.

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-Where does Bentley Sleep?

He has a bed upstairs on the landing, and he has one in our living room. He’s kind of a nomad and wanders around the house at night testing out several areas. When Ashley and I come up into our bedroom, he always follows and lays at the foot of our bed, but when the lights go out, he jumps off and heads downstairs. He usually ends up on the couch wedged under a Minky!

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-Which Quad interacts with him the most?

This answer could be very fluid. I think the girls go through phases of being obsessed with Bentley. Recently its been Scarlett, but Indie and Evie love playing catch with him and chasing him around. Esme is usually pretty aloof to Bentley.

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-How did you train him to be so well behaved? Was there a specific method?

Thank you! And yes, there was! Ashley watched Ceasar the dog whisperer frequently when we first brought Bentley home. She learned a ton from his show and reading about his training. The first and best thing we did was kennel train him. Honestly, Yorkies are very smart dogs and pick up on things very quickly if your patient and train them correctly. Ash trained him on the basics and also not to bark from the beginning. I think the first time I heard him bark was when Ashley was pregnant! LOL. He’s always been a very fast learner and very good puppy.

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-Why did you get Bentley?

Bentley was our infertility baby. We had been struggling for about 6 years when we got Bentley. I knew Ashley needed something. Still saving for infertility,  I decided we could budget a little and get a puppy. That’s exactly what we did. I started looking before I even told Ashley. I found Bentley and knew this was the breed we wanted. I then suggested to Ash we go take a look and see what we thought. As soon as we held Bentley it was over. He was so calm and sweet from day 1. Perfect match for our family. The rest is a dream. He was and is the perfect lovable puppy that we needed! I truly believed he was the answer to our prayers at that time as he really healed our hearts and gave us something to love at a time we needed it. He changed us and prepared us for what was coming!

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-Was he protective of Ashley when she was pregnant?

Extremely! Like I said before, the first time I heard him bark aggressively was when she was pregnant. He knew something was up and would follow her around all day long. He is such a smart dog. If anything seemed out of kilter, he’d let us know in an instant. It was kind of funny watching him, he’d always walk just a little in from of Ash making sure everything was ok for her. When she went on bed rest at home, he’d always be snuggled up in her blanket with her on the couch or bed. He was very protective, and I knew she loved every second of it!

-When is his birthday?

Bentley was born in January, the 19th I think, 2012. He was a littler of six. By the time we got to the breeder, it was just him and his brother left. I cant believe nobody picked him first!!! We got him the first of April. He looks now just like his mother looked when we picked him up. Same temperament too.

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-Has he ever bit or hurt any of the girls?

Never! He’s the sweetest, calmest puppy ive ever been around. I remember when Ash was training him, this was something she worked on with him. She’d put her hand right in his mouth and train him not to bite down. We had a lot of tiny nieces and nephews then, and we knew kids can be a little rough, and dogs can misinterpret. We’ve never had a problem once! He’s been an incredibly smart and adaptive puppy!

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-Who does Bentley love more out of all the relatives.

My mom without a doubt. Grandma is his favorite by far. She dotes on him and spoils him. She takes him to get treats. When she comes over to the house, the first thing she always does is let him out and then get him a treat. He thinks she hung the moon!

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-How did Bentley adjust to the girls?

It was hard for him at first I’m pretty sure. He was used to getting all the attention, and now he was splitting it with 4 sisters! Did you ever see Lady and the Tramp? LOL. It took him a while to adjust, but he eventually realized he was still part of the family and we were doing our best to give him as much love as we gave the girls. Luckily, we have so many family members close, and they all love Bentley too! My brother Joey takes him in the mountains to go hiking, Bo gives him baths, Oakland, Madison and Garrison dote on him, and you know about Grandma! He’s almost as loved and spoiled as the girls are!

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I hope you guys have enjoyed this brief look into our fur baby! Bentley really has been a huge part of our family! Thank you for all of the wonderful questions!

Here’s today’s vlog just in case you missed it!