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Your Questions Answered All About Evangeline

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So I hope you guys are still loving these fun little blog series I’ve been doing. I thought I’d stem off from the FAQs this week and get specific about each of the girls. You guys throw out the questions you want answered, and I write the blogs! Pretty easy if you ask me! Thank you for all the love and support of these blogs recently, I truly enjoy writing them!

So here we go on our Hebberlicious! Evie is such a dynamic personality, I hope you enjoy all the questions I chose from each of you. I wish I could answer them all, but you guys are sending them in faster than I can think! LOL. Enjoy this one!

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-Does Evie know that her and Scarlett look exactly the same?

I think this is a fantastic question! If I had to guess, I would say yes, because out of all the girls, Evie is the one who gets the most upset when you call her Scarlett. She lets you know right away who she is and usually does it with a stern tone. That being said, she hates being called other sissies names, but I cant say I’m completely sure she knows her and Scarlett are identical twins. We should do a case study on this! Hahaha.

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-Who’s her favorite sissy?

Scarlett easily. She calls her “Scarley”. These two have such an incredible bond. You can visibly see it when they are interacting. I love just sitting quietly in the corner and watching them talk and interact with each other. Twins are so mesmerizing. The dynamic of sisters is one thing, but twins is on a whole other level. These two will stay up late at night and just gab to each other about nothing. Its so cute. They love having their alone time, and I just know they’re going to be best of friends for life!

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-What’s her quirky trait you cant get enough of?

She does this little chuckle when she says things she thinks are funny. It completely kills me. She has no ideas why I laugh so hard, but it is the sweetest thing ever. Evie is pretty hilarious!

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-Do you ever call her Evangeline? Or does she know her name is Evangeline?

Yes, but not often. Everyone pretty much goes by their nickname around here. That being said, she absolutely knows her real name, and if you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s “Evangeline Faith Gardner”!

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-Who is Evie closest to in the family besides her sisters and mom and dad?

I would probably say her Uncle Garrison. She’s kind of had him wrapped up since day one. He’s so sweet with her and takes time to hold her and read with her. They kind of have a special bond. Out of all the Uncles, Garrison and Oakland visit the most. Garrison is like a big teddy bear. I think he reminds Evie of her Father. No wonder she loves him so much! LOL.

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-What makes her different from her sisters?

Ok, I could write a book on this; and then 3 more on the other girls. This is such a broad topic,  but I loved the question. Ill tell the most dynamic personality trait she has and then work on the book later! LOL. Evie is very determined and headstrong. She gets that look in her eye when she knows what she wants. She also doesn’t let much get in her way. Somebody the other day commented she was going to be school president. I commented back, she going to be President of the Unites States!

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-What does Evie like doing the most?

She loves to be outside! Anything to do with being outside she’s on board with. She loves her tricycle, watering with dad, going on walks, digging in the dirt, jumping on the tramp, swimming, etc. If we’d let her sleep outside, I’m almost positive she’d do it!

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-Is she ever bossy?

Ashley and I joke all the time she’s the “mama” hen. She’s always throwing out phrases we say all the time to her sisters. Its hilarious. Sometimes I listen to her and think she’s 35. Blows my mind. She is definitely structured.

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-What is her special talent?

She has so many, but the thing that comes to mind first is singing and dancing. She loves to sing and usually knows all the words to songs by the first few times she hears them. She’ll sing in the car, in the living room with her sisters, and occasionally at night putting herself and Scarlett to sleep! She also loves dance. Dance class this year was by far her favorite out of the quads. If you ever peeked in the doors, you’d probably find Evie right next to the instructor helping with the class. She thinks she’s got it all down! Nothing stops this girl! I love her confidence!

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-Is Evie a Mommy or Daddy’s girls?

Daddy all the way! I think because we have so much in common, we just gravitate towards each other. She loves to snuggle up on me, and play with my hair. She loves to  hold my hand when we go into busy places. I hope I’m always the favorite boy in her life! LOL

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Hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog, and the new series i’m working on! Your questions were incredible! I could’ve written 10 blogs with the content!  Next up is Scarlett! Cant wait to read your questions!

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