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Your Questions Answered All About Nanny Ash

Thank you everyone for the wonderful questions you keep pouring in for us to write about! I’ve absolutely had an amazing experience answering these and writing down my thoughts! Ashley loved your questions for her, I hope you enjoyed her blog!

Today, we get to Nanny Ash! Many of you have been asking for this one for a while! Here we go!

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-How long has she been a nanny?

Ash has nannied on and off for years. She used to watch our best friends Lane and Sam’s kids all the time. That is actually how we met her!

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-Does she live with you?

No. She works Monday through Friday and takes the weekends off. We also don’t make her work holidays! ;D

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-Is she in a relationship? How old is she?

Nanny Ash is not married, and is not in a relationship. She’s 28.  She is currently dating, and accepting all promising blind dates! Let me know!

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-When the girls go to preschool in the Fall, how will this affect her schedule?

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The girls will be going to preschool 2 days a week, so it really wont be too far off her normal schedule. She’ll help out with housework while they’re away. Most of you know this, but she was our house cleaner before she made the jump to nanny! She has many talents, and we use them all!

-My question is who cleans the house now that she is the nanny?

Its a group effort! Nanny Ash still helps with most of the girls laundry, and helping keep the main level livable. I usually handle most of the other cleaning duties, as its kind of a stress reliever for me!

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-What did she enjoy most about the recent vacation with you? What did she enjoy most about her England vacation?

She loved seeing the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole. She had never been. We also stayed in a very nice Airbnb, and she had her own setup! She’s so good to us, we try to take care of her as well!

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Ashley actually served her mission in England, so I know it was exciting for her to go back and see places she’d been and people she taught. She also toured a few other countries while she was their like Italy and Spain I believe. I think she likes to travel! LOL.

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-Does she tell the girls apart? Especially Scarlett and Evie.

She does pretty well! Of course there are always moments when she has to correct herself, but we’ve all been there. She’s been around them enough now that she’s got it down. She knows their personalities and how to handle those personalities. They’re all so different!

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-Why did you decide to hire her?

Ashley had been cleaning for us for over a year. She was also very close with our best friends the Ponts, and had cared for their children for years, so we pretty much knew her like a family member. There are so many things we love about Ash, but her maturity, personality, and compassion for children were all green lights for us. The hardest part was convincing her to quit her day job to come work for us full time! Hahahahaha.

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-Of all of the quads, who would you say loves Nanny Ash the most?

I think she’s just like anybody else, it depends on the day. She has a really good relationship with all of them. If we have to leave the kids alone with her, they feel completely comfortable. That makes life so much easier for us. They bond with her daily doing different things. Ashley is very creative, and I know the girls love the activities and chores she comes up with to keep them structured and busy. We appreciate that as well. I don’t know if I could definitely say one over the other. They all love her!

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-How much of her day does she spend with the girls?

She’s usually with them most of the day. That being said, Ashley and I spend a lot of time with them as well. Sometimes we’ll all be together at the park, shopping or out to lunch. Sometimes just Ash and Nanny Ash will take them to the splash pad. Sometimes we’re all in the backyard. Sometimes she’s got them all on her own while we work. That’s when her activities come in handy. Our work schedule is so fluid, no one day is ever the same as the one before. She’s adapted well to that, and I think she likes when we mix in. Most people would feel awkward or uncomfortable with the parents around I think, but we are all on the same level. She has as much authority as we do when she’s here. The kids know that, we respect that, and everybody wins in the end!

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-Whats her Instagram?


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-Does she love being the girls nanny? Does she sleep over a lot?

From what I’ve gathered, she loves her job! And we love her! She has yet to sleep over, but im sure it will happen sometime in the future! She lives really close, and im sure by the time 5pm hits, she’s worn out! LOL.

-How tall is Nanny Ash?

Tall! LOL I think she’s 5’11.

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Thank you all for the wonderful questions! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our Nanny Ash a little bit more! Plenty more to come as we’re not letting her go anywhere!


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